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So apparently we need an FAQ page, something to do with the law, or something, not quite sure, paid no attention to the tutorial.
So here it is, a useless page with questions you already know the answer for.

Health and safety...We are trusting you to use common sense, don't try and eat anything we send you, don't put your fingers in anything, no sexual asphixiation, etc, etc.

Not if, but when you find a website bug please give us a holla holla bling bling so we can fix it, Marlon hasnt built a website before, hell we struggle with day to day task's!

On a serious note though we are human we will get things wrong occasionally, ping us a message we will fix it as soon as we possibly can.
Delivery times are approximate, Marlon works a full time job and will try and get orders out as soon as humanly possible to you beautiful people.



Marlon post's twice a week, Monday & Thursday. Unless he has time to drop more in.
New postage structure is...If it's less than 100 grams (couple of stickers/air fresheners, lanyards), etc that gets sent Royal Mail 2nd class £1.30 covers the stamp and packaging.
Everything else is tracked via Hermes, which is now called Evri...For some reason, maybe because of their shit service at one point, but they (touch wood) are yet to fuck anything of ours up, he says...

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You Are All Scumbags...


We Love You All and Thank You, without you we would be nothing


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